The State of the Hispanic Consumer
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Although one of many segments comprising the U.S. population, the Hispanic population is growing at the most dramatic rate. In fact, the rapidly-growing Latino segment will fuel the future U.S. economy – by virtue of the significance of its cultural, social and demographic shifts. However, many myths and misperceptions about Hispanics still persist, which affect marketers’ success with product, service and media offerings. With Hispanics serving as the cornerstone of future growth, companies must make the Hispanic market a measured priority. What is your company’s approach to engaging the ever important Hispanic community?

Join us for an interesting and engaging webinar that focuses on the Hispanic consumer – representing $1 trillion in buying power.  The presentation is based upon the comprehensive, recently-released Nielsen report, State of the Hispanic Consumer: The Hispanic Market Imperative, which is part of the Nielsen “Diverse Intelligence Insight Series.” Nielsen subject matter experts will share findings that challenge commonly held perceptions and will reveal actionable insights on culture and population trends, purchasing behavior, media consumption and more, including:

  • Adapt and adopt – how do language, culture and ownership dynamics impact patterns of technology and media use?
  • A culture or acculturate – what characteristics support culture sustainability vs. melting pot malleability?
  • CPG and MPG – which product categories are over-indexed and how aligned are advertising and promotions in driving them?
  • More or less – do consumption, shopping and spending patterns mirror those of the total market?
  • Action and reaction – who has demonstrated the conversion of marketing insights into market success?

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Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
May 22, 2012